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Walk Bohus Path

Bohus Path in West Sweden is a classic long-distance footpath that stretches from Strömstad in the north to Lindome in the south.

The footpath passes through a wide variety of landscapes and is divided into several sections, which are suitable for day trips or weekend walks. The best sections are listed below in terms of terrain marking, experiences along the path and options for food and accommodation.

8 km, medium

Bohus Path section 2

Walk from Stensjön in Mölndal municipality to Skatås, just outside Gothenburg. The section is 8 kilometres long and passes Gunnebo Castle and the Delsjö area nature reserve. Lovely forest paths alternate with gravel and asphalt roads, and some steeper passages.

8.3 km, medium

Bohus Path section 3

Walk from the exercise centre in Skatås, Gothenburg to Kåsjön, Partille municipality. The more than 8-kilometre-long trail goes past Härlanda mere, with good options for swimming and barbecues, up the steep Getryggen and past the mythical lake Blacktjärn, which is said to be guarded by seven invisible beings.

9 km, medium

Bohus Path section 4

Walk from Kåsjön in Partille municipality to Jonsered, a distance of 9 kilometres. Most of the section is on easy forest paths. In the old mill community of Jonsered there is a lot of very well-preserved history to discover, as well as a lush garden with a popular café.

11 km, medium

Bohus Path section 5

Walk from Jonsered to Angered church. The fifth section of Bohus Path is 11 kilometres long, starting in the small town of Jonsered and continuing through a spellbound old forest and past ravines. There are some good lakes for swimming along the path, as well as an exciting suspension bridge between Stora and Little...

16 km, medium

Bohus Path section 6

Walk from Angered church to Fontin in Kungälv, north of Gothenburg. The section is 16 kilometres long and takes you through the amazingly beautiful Vättlefjäll nature reserve. For the most part you are walking alongside forest lakes, where there is one picnic spot after the other. In Kungälv you are met by the imposing...

11.5 km, medium/difficult

Bohus Path section 25

Walk from Håvedalen to Krokstrand in Strömstad municipality. The section is just over 11 kilometres and takes you along forest paths and country roads, over hills and through deep valleys. In the last part the waters of Idefjord are just below the path. The section finishes at the old stonemasonry village of...

17 km, medium

Bohus Path section 26

Walk the 17 kilometre path from Krokstrand to Högstad in Strömstad municipality. The peak of the section is Björnerödspiggen, which at 222 metres above sea level is the highest place in Bohuslän. You also pass several historical monuments and sites with rock carvings.

15 km, moderate

Bohus Path section 27

Walk from Högstad to Strömstad along the Bohuslän coast. The section has 17 kilometres of varied walking, from forest tracks to open landscapes and villages. It is possible to make detours in several places to see interesting ancient remains. The section ends in the middle of lively, idyllic Strömstad.