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  • Photographer: Johannes Berner/Göteborg & Co

Styrsö - Archipelago idyll

In Gothenburg’s archipelago there are many magical islands, but one of them that shine extra brightly is Styrsö. It’s hard to imagine that there’s a city so close to this idyllic island – but Gothenburg isn’t far away at all.

Along the coast of Gothenburg the islands in the archipelago stretch out like a pearl necklace. There are around 20 islands altogether, all incredibly picturesque and charming in their own way. Many of them, Styrsö included, are completely car free. You get around on foot, bicycle or flatbed moped. Exchange the city bustle for a day in a fantastic archipelago setting – experience the peace and quiet, enjoy a dinner of seafood that couldn’t be fresher on smooth granite rocks, and finish with a lovely salty swim in the sea. Calling it a unique experience is an understatement!

Photographer: Jonas Ingman - M2B AB

How to get there

Styrsö and Vrångö are a short tram ride and boat trip from central Gothenburg. Hop on the Ö-snabben 114 bus or spårvagn 11 in Brunnsparken and travel to Saltholmen. Change here to ferry 282 to Styrsö or ferry 281 to Styrsö/Vrångö. The whole journey takes 48 or 57 minutes respectively and you can get there all year round.


Styrsö is the main settlement in Gothenburg’s southern archipelago. Here distances are short, roads narrow and the buildings idyllic. On Styrsö there are several walking and nature trails that take you to the very outskirts of the archipelago, and to look out points with magnificent views of the surrounding islands and Gothenburg’s harbour entrance. From the highest point on the island, Stora Rös, you can enjoy a dazzling view of the archipelago.

Another gem on the island is Café Öbergska. Sit in the garden with a delicious ‘fika’, maybe play a round of boules, or enjoy the fabulous live music. The place even has its own gin and tonic bar!


Don’t miss:

  • Brännholmsviken – a lovely cove onStyrsö’s south coast. It’s tranquil here, far from habitation and you can have a peaceful moment to yourself.
  • Isbolaget on Donsöwalk over the bridge from Styrsö to the tiny unspoilt island of Donsö. At the end of the pier in Donsö’s harbour you’ll find a renovated ice warehouse, and in this unique location you can eat well. Just in time for summer 2019 you’ll also be able to stay there!
  • Visiting Styrsö all year round – the island is magical in summer, but every bit as fantastic to visit in spring, autumn and winter. The changed landscapes offer a stillness and tranqillity that would be hard to find anywhere else. Several of the restaurants serve traditional Christmas buffets, and if you’ve never tried a winter dip before, now’s your chance!

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