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Glass cabin

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Stay in a Glass Cabin at Erikson Cottage

72 HOUR CABIN. At Erikson Cottage in West Sweden you can stay in one of two unique glass cabins in the middle of the forest – a perfect way to escape the everyday. Spend carefree days answering the call of the wild and enjoying carefully crafted, high quality food!


Glass Cabins immersed in nature

Welcome to idyllic Erikson Cottage in Ljungsarp in the municipality of Tranemo, 1.5 hours from Gothenburg. You can sleep here in unique glass cabins designed by the architect Jeanna Berger, who also designed the original glass cabin for the 72 Hour Cabin project in Dalsland.

After you check in at the farm the cabins are just a short walk away, completely undisturbed by neighbours or any other noise. The cabins are also situated away from each other; one glass house is located on a small hill overlooking the lake, the second is surrounded by the soothing sounds of the forest, and the third lies close to the lakeshore with its own private sauna. Near to the cabins is an outdoor toilet and an outdoor kitchen also designed by Jeanna Berger.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman


You couldn’t find a more charming place!

The farm lies in the southern part of West Sweden and the Erikson family have lived there for four generations. Built at the end of the 18th century, the farm also offers a sourdough bakery, restaurant and accommodation in an old, traditional Swedish, cottage.


As soon as you arrive at Erikson Cottage you know you have landed in a magical place. The whole farm exudes the air of a Swedish country idyll.


The glass cabins at Erikson Cottage are a fine addition to the farm’s existing high-quality experiences and authentic home cooking, where everything is made from scratch. There is much to enjoy, such as the taste of their sourdough bread made with flour from heirloom varieties of wheat, and Neapolitan pizza, smoking hot from the wood fired oven. 

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Recharge with rewarding activities

So how do you spend the days in a glass cabin? Well, it depends on what you feel like doing. Sitting by the door with a good book in hand and listening to the sounds of the forest is one idea. Another is to take the boat out on the lake and do some fishing for a while, or to paddle a canoe, or SUP, in the evening sun. You could even book the little wood fired sauna on the lake shore or the hot tub up at the farm.

Another suggestion is to see the area on foot or by bike. The bike trails Ätradalsleden and Sjuhäradsrundan aren’t far away and of course you can wander through the forests around the cabins. It’s also close to Isaberg where they have a lot of fun things to do.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman


Finding your way to the glass cabins

You will find the glass cabins in West Sweden. The nearest international airport is Landvetter, just outside Gothenburg. Car rental is available at the airport and from there it takes about 1.5 hours to drive to Ljungsarp. The cabins are in the forest beside Erikson Cottage where you can park and check in. The farm is less than an hour’s drive to other towns including Borås, Jönköping and Värnamo.

If you travel by public transport the nearest train station is Hestra, 15km from Erikson Cottage. The nearest bus stop is in Ljungsarp and from there it is about 6km to Erikson Cottage. It takes a little more than an hour to walk from Ljungsarp along a picturesque country road that largely runs alongside lake Lagmanshagasjön.

Contact Erikson Cottage if you would like more detailed travel information.


Different locations – different experiences

The glass cabins are in slightly different locations in West Sweden, resulting in a range of experiences depending on where you choose. You can read about the different cabins here.


Practical information

The basic package includes:

  • Accommodation in a unique glass cabin, either 72 hours (three days) or per night
  • Access to canoes, SUP, boat and fishing gear (included in the 72 hour package)
  • Close to a lake and situated in attractive countryside for hiking and cycling
  • Service house with storage and a simple outside kitchen equipped with locally produce ceramics
  • Smart luggage storage on the back of the glass cabin
  • Outside toilet close to the glass cabin
  • Access to shower and toilet at the farm
  • Breakfast served at the farm bakery or you can collect a luxury breakfast basket to enjoy at the cabin

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