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Pathway på Dyrön

Photographer: Katja Ragnstam

A day trip to Dyrön with a lovely walk

The small size of Dyrön is also its greatest appeal, since everything is within walking distance. You can walk, go for a swim, enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat or look out for mouflon sheep.

Remember that the choice of activities, and opening times of restaurants, shops and hotels vary over the year. Check the companies’ own websites for current information.

Take the boat to Dyrön all year round

It’s easy to take a day trip from central Gothenburg to the lively island of Dyrön. Hop on the morning train from the city towards Uddevalla and make an easy change at Ytterby station to the Marstrand Express bus. From there it’s not far to the Rökan stop where the ferry will take you on to Dyrön’s south harbour – a journey of one hour and 40 minutes in total. 

Walking trail and sauna with views over Marstrand fjord

A walk around Dyrön is a relaxing way to spend the day. If you want to enjoy the fantastic view you should look for the five-kilometre-long trail that runs across the island, it is moderately steep in places, so you need to be reasonably fit and wear good shoes. The view over Marstrand fjord is breathtaking, and along the trail there are information boards that tell you everything you need to know, as well as viewpoints, tables for a coffee break and benches where you can catch your breath. If you are lucky you may see some of the 50–60 wild mouflon sheep that live on the island. Mouflon are said to be the ancestors of domesticated sheep. On Dyrön they live wild in the forest and hills.

Combine your walk with a sauna. Just ten metres from the sea at the south tip of Dyrön is a sauna that was voted the best electric sauna in Sweden a few years ago. This is largely thanks to its tranquil location and views over the sea and rocks. The sauna is run by the community association and can be booked all year round online.

Photographer: Anders Jonsson

Close to the trail, just a couple of hundred metres from the north harbour, is the studio of Dyrön’s own gold and silver smith, Tintin Hallding. Tintin can usually be found here, busy creating beautiful jewellery and interior accessories. You can take a look inside and browse among her wonderful selection.

Enjoy a coffee or a bite to eat

Inside the island’s small, well-stocked grocery store, ICA Dyröboden, is a café that serves lunches and is open, all year round. You can choose whether to eat in or order something good from the store and get it delivered to the sauna. If you prefer to eat at a restaurant, you will find Trålverket at the northern port of the island.

In the afternoon the boat returns to the Rökan stop where connecting buses will take you south toward Gothenburg or west towards Marstrand. If you prefer to head back via Tjörn, a ferry runs from the north harbour on Dyrön to Rönnäng, where you can hop on a bus to Gothenburg.


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