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Photographer: Kristin Wiktorsson

Musselbaren Lyckorna

Gourmet food centred on the humble mussel

The Mussel Bar offers you a real Bohuslän gourmet experience. Enjoy fresh mussels with classic side dishes in a beautiful down-to-earth, traditional setting. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, go on a mussel expedition and try your hand at harvesting fresh mussels. Next to the restaurant you can buy locally produced foods including mussels and side dishes.

Mussels in the centre of the stage

At the Mussel Bar Lyckorna in Ljungskile, mussels are given pride of place in all our main dishes. As far as possible, all the meals are based on local and seasonal ingredients. Both the bread and aioli are home-made, of course. The mussels come from Scanfjord’s farms and are lovingly prepared using the bar’s own recipe. You can always try harvesting them yourself!

Photographer: Robert Dahlberg

A Taste of West Sweden

The restaurant is part of the network A taste of West Sweden. The network gathers restaurants and cafes that, in close collaboration with local producers, offer West Swedish culinary experiences based on seasonal and local ingredients.

Mussel expedition at sea

During the season from April to October there are fixed departure times for the popular mussel expeditions from Lyckorna in Ljungskile. Sail out to the huge mussel farms in the fjord and harvest fresh mussels, which you can cook with the best instructors and enjoy together in Klocktornet. The mussel expeditions can also be ordered to suit your wishes.

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Robert Macfies väg 20

45930 Ljungskile

Phone: +46 522 26 60 90

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Website: musselbaren.se/en/