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  • The 72 hour cabin

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    Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Wind down like a Swede in the nature of West Sweden

Over a period of just three days, five international participants, all with stressful lives and professions managed to reduce their stress levels while increasing their feeling of wellbeing. How did...

Book The 72 Hour Cabin

Here is your chance to book one of the glass cabins used in The 72 Hour Cabin project. Book a relaxing, energy-giving stay in one of the glass houses and feel the stresses and strains of life fade...

Glass cabins - this way please

Dalsland scenery is big, wild and beautiful. There are endless opportunities for unforgettable experiences in its deep forests, mountains, fertile plains and dozens of lakes and islands. With this...

The 72 Hour Cabin – a family project

The five glass houses used by participants in The 72 Hour Cabin really are locally sourced as they were designed by Jeanna Berger, daughter of Henriksholm owners Staffan and Maria Berger.

Six quirky stays in West Sweden

Activities, experiences and sightseeing on holiday are all great, but nothing sparks the imagination quite like a quirky stay. Here are six quirky stays in West Sweden that create holiday memories all...


The Bohuslän archipelago runs almost 280 kilometers up Sweden’s west coast and is an area of outstanding natural beauty. CNN Travel ranks it the seventh most beautiful natural wilderness area in the...

Meet the Locals

Enjoy a taco fiesta in Gotenburg or stay the night in the archipelago. It is easier than you think to get close to the daily life in West Sweden. Here you can meet locals eager to share everything...