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Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Cycling in Bohuslän

Discovering the Gothenburg and Bohuslän Archipelago from a bicycle is an incredibly uplifting experience. You will encounter a rich tapestry of magnificent views, interspersed with picturesque fishing villages and small towns steeped in charm and history. Below you can find tips on a number of tremendous cycling excursions lasting just a day or longer.

Cycling with children on Tjörn                                                                     

Tjörn is excellent island on which to cycle. It is suitable for the whole family, with its picturesque roads and with the sea never far away. Green cycling signs guide you along the island’s cycle paths and trails. The surface varies between asphalt, gravel and other surfaces, all of which are suitable for cycling. You can take your own bicycle or arrange to hire one that you can collect on arrival. Here you can find tips on cycling on the island of Tjörn

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Cycling on South Koster with children                                                        

There is something special about cycling on the almost car-free island of South Koster. Distances on this eight-square kilometre island are ideal for a family cycling trip. As a bonus, you have an invigorating start to the day when you take the ferry over to the island – a truly memorable journey in every sense. Don’t forget to pack your swimwear, weather permitting. South Koster has lots of excellent beaches and rocks for bathing. Along the way you can take a break, relaxing in the sun with a well-deserved cup of coffee and something to eat. 

Photographer: Robert Dahlberg

Mountain biking in Bohuslän                                                                        

Bohuslän offers a varied and spectacular natural landscape that makes it ideal for exploring by bike. Bare rocks, hills, forests and rolling meadows. There is something for everyone. There is currently a lot of investment in creating even more mountain bike trails in different areas. Read more about mountain biking in Bohuslän. 

Photographer: Göran Assner

Island-hopping in Bohuslän                                                                         

Island-hopping with your bike through the beautiful Bohuslän Archipelago is an experience that will remain in your mind forever. Here you will find tips on fabulous boat trips, exquisite locations, a wide variety of activities, and cosy places to stay, all the way from Marstrand to Uddevalla.