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Photographer: Malva Adrell


A treasure map for all garden enthusiasts

Do you enjoy walking around greenhouses, flower arrangements, sculptures and fountains? There are countless beautiful gardens in West Sweden, from grand manor parks to small, lush backyards. The Garden Journey (Trädgårdsresan) is a map that guides garden enthusiasts to wonderful greenery and innovative plant arrangements.

Many green oases

The Garden Journey is a guide to help you find your way around a wide variety of garden landscapes in the whole of West Sweden. Discover small, stylish gardens which most people miss. Find your way to elegantly designed gardens, where the plants are used as a colourful art form. Go to the friendly Furet plant nursery outside Kinna or join a garden walk at Morlanda Säteri on the island of Orust. Stop off at the Garden Association in Gothenburg, which arranges a fantastic rose party, and make an excursion to the exhibition gardens by Läckö Slott next to lake Vänern.

Historic sites and rewarding meetings

There are many historical gardens in West Sweden, often tucked away in traditional settings such as apple orchards, rose gardens or kitchen gardens. The Garden Journey guides you to accommodation, good restaurants and cafés and rewarding meetings with dedicated gardeners, who always have a lot of knowledge to pass on and enjoy doing it. You can also draw up your own garden journey through any number of gardens and beautiful rural areas, with only your time as a limit.

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