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Photographer: Beatrice Törnros


Science centre with exotic animals and exciting technology

Every day is an adventure at Universeum. This large building in the centre of Gothenburg houses a huge collection of animals, natural objects, technology and loads of experiments. Meet monkeys and sloths in the steaming rain forest, walk among sharks and rays and wander through the Swedish wilderness - all in the same day! Welcome to the largest science centre of the Nordic countries.

Space voyages and challenges

You can also experience space and discover just how much fun technology can be during your visit to Universeum. Explore the magic of chemistry in the Chemistry Lab, or challenge yourself in the Health Lab. You can test your mobility, for example, and see if you can react as quickly as the football players in Bayern München. Jump, create, experiment, climb and observe, and you’ll learn something new at the same time.

Photographer: Fotografi Oscar Ab

Experience more

Feeding the sharks, space adventures and the rain forest. Something exciting is always happening at Universeum, and the guides will ensure that you get the most out of your visit. Get really close. Feel the birds sweep past, touch the snakes’ smooth skin, stand a few centimetres away from toxic spiders and pat a lizard.


Recharge your batteries

If you are hungry or fancy a coffee, Universeum has plenty to offer when you need to recharge your batteries. Do visit the Universeum shop and check out the challenging toys and ingenious gifts for children and adults. 

Contact information

Universeum AB

Södra vägen 50

40020 Göteborg

Phone: +46 31 335 64 00

E-mail: info@universeum.se

Website: universeum.se/en/