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Three people canoeing in a lake.

Kayaking and canoeing in Gothenburg

Wonderful kayaking unbeatably near the city!

It is unbelievably easy to find great kayaking and canoeing in and around Gothenburg. Choose between kayaking around the islands in the Gothenburg Archipelago or gliding across the water in a canoe at Delsjön or Vättlefjäll. You can even rent a kayak and get a completely different perspective of the city from the canals in Gothenburg city centre.

Canoeing in Delsjön

– The great outdoors so close to the city.

Big and little Delsjön lies right at the edge of Gothenburg city and is a popular aea for outdoor activities. This beautiful nature reserve offers many hiking trails, cycle routes, fishing spots and swimming with jetties and sandy beaches.

It’s easy to rent a canoe at Delsjön and the water is usually calm with a gentle wind, making it easy to paddle. Det är enkelt att hyra kanot vid Delsjön och vattnet är oftast lugnt och vinden brukar vara behaglig för paddling. The lakes are surrounded by lush forests and there are plenty of small coves where you can go ashore for a coffee break or a swim. In addition to the barbecue area at Delsjöbadet, there are several barbecue areas scattered around the two lakes.


Kayaking in Gothenburg

– Unique kayaking in the historic city moat.

That the classic Paddan tour boats cruise the city moat in Gothenburg is well know in Sweden, but not everyone knows that you can also take a kayak along the same canals. Seeing the city from the water in a kayak is completely different and memorable way to appreciate the city centre. 

Point 65 Kajak Center can help you with everything you need  for your tour and will give you suggestions about the best routes to take to avoid boat traffic. If you’re up for it you can even head out for a stretch on the mighty Göta Älv river or head further east along the smaller Säveån river.


Kayaking and canoeing in the Gothenburg Archipelago  

– Explore the islands with a kayak.

If you haven’t see the Gothenburg Archipelago from a kayak then it’s high time you did. In a kayak you can get so close to nature and get a completely new perspective on the archipelago. Paddle between the beautiful granite islands making beach raids as the vikings used to do – or maybe just a fika break as the Swedes do today. Some islands and skerries are completely uninhabited, with wild thickets of windwsept vegetation and barren cliffs. Others are full of charming boat houses and grand island villas.

Some tips about places to visit, unkown to most summer tourists, are Stora Rävholmen west of Styrsö, Valö along the southern part of the archipelago and Rivö with its long sandy beaches. You will also find many nice places in the northern part of the archipelago around Björkö and Öckerö.

Kayak companies in the Gothenburg Archipelago:


Canoeing in Sävelången

– Paddling through a country estate.

The lake Sävelången in Lerum is an oasis for kayakers and canoeists. Sävelången is connected to no less than seven other lakes, which makes it a perfect area for a spell on the water.

We suggest you start in Tollered, near the hotel Nääs Fabriker. If you paddle south, you will soon reach Nääs Slott and its wonderful surroundings. If you head north instead, the whole of Sävelången is in front of you and you can continue onwards to Lake Mjörn.

Do you fancy a real adventure? Then make a multi-day trip that takes you through the entire lake system (Sävelången, Mjörn, Gerdsken, Lilla och Stora Färgen, Nären, Ören, Ömmern and Torskabotten).


Canoeing in Vättlefjäll

– Wild and powerful natural landscape.

Vättlefjäll is an unusually beautiful area outside Angered just north of Gothenburg. Many who visit Vättlefjäll are surprised that there is such a wild and varied landscape so close to the big city. The area is full of lakes, small wooded islands and hiking trails.

There are plenty of places to stop and swim, and shelters where you can make a cooking fire. One of the coolest things is paddling through the narrow channels that go between the lakes with trees hanging low over the water.

You can easily rent a canoe and go on a day trip with friends or family. Paddles, life jackets and canoe carts are included in the price. You can also rent various outdoor gadgets such as trangia cooking stoves and sleeping mats.


Kayaks and canoes on Landvettersjön

– Peaceful lake with swimming spots.

Another nice lake is Landvettersjön in Härryda. It offers relatively easy conditions where you can stay close to land. Take the opportunity to combine kayaking with a walk in Wendelsberg's outdoor area on the western side of the lake where there is also a nice vantage point. The eastern end of the lake is home to a popular swimming spot.

It is possible to rent canadian canoes or kayaks and if you want to extend your activity, you can book a night at Hällsnäs Hotell, which enjoys a commanding position on a headland in the middle of the lake.


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