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Canoeing in West Sweden

Get close to nature with a canoe

With the sea to the west and thousands of lakes and streams, West Sweden has become a popular destination for canoeists. There is a great variety of water here. Enjoy the tranquil lakes in Dalsland, take a wreck safari on Lake Vänern, glide along the River Ätran, explore the complex archipelago and much more.

Canoeing allows you to get unbeatably close to nature. Read on to see the full range of canoeing opportunities and where you can rent a canoe.



Popular areas for canoeing


Canoeing in Dalsland

– Sweden’s Lake District

Dalsland has, without doubt, one of Europe's most beautiful lake systems, which in many ways is just made for canoeing. Since most of the lakes are long and narrow, there are rarley any waves to speak of. In almost total silence you can travel without disturbing the wildlife that surrounds you. You become a part of nature.

Conditions for canoeing in Dalsland vary greatly in character and degree of difficulty. Dalsland's southern lakes offer safe conditions, perfect for ’social’ kayaking that takes you past small communities and through picturesque lock systems along the Dalsland Canal. You will become part of the canal’s boat life, meet people, take breaks for ice cream, eat good dinners and spend the nights in comfort.

In the northern parts of the lake system the surroundings are more magnificent. Wild, vast and harshly beautiful. The lakes are larger, which means that the waves are a little higher and the distances a little longer and nature more powerful. Canoeing here is guaranteed to feel like a real adventure.


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Canoeing in Västergötland

Waterways big and small

Västergötland's lakes and rivers are perfect for canoeing. In Vänern's archipelago alone, which is Europe's largest freshwater archipelago, there are around 22,000 islands and islets to discover. There are surprisingly few canoeists here, it isn’t crowded and it’s easy to find your own beach or island for a rest stop.

In the areas around Borås, Ulricehamn and Svenljunga, there are plenty of rivers and streams for canoeing, including The Viskan and The Ätran, which stretch all the way down to the Falkenberg coast. Lake Åsunden is another popular place for canoeists. Several companies in the area can help you plan your next trip according to your wishes.

You can also glide silently, under the woodland canopy, on the river Flian, which flows into Lake Hornborgasjön – a very beautiful area with a rich and fascinating wildlife.


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Canoeing around Gothenburg

– Easy going canoeing close to the city

You don’t need to go far from the centre of Gothenburg to experience fantastic canoeing. One of Gothenburg’s nearest wilderness areas is Vättlefjälls Nature Reserve north of Angered. Take a tour of the beautiful lake system, which is ideal for canoeing.

Lake Sävelången in Lerum is really a place for all the senses. The area is host to wonderful canoeing, several restaurants specialising on locally produced food and the Gotaleden hiking trail.

Landvettersjön to the east of Gothenburg is another lake popular with families for swimming, canoeing and barbecuing.




Canoeing in Bohuslän

– An archipelago without compare

Kayaking is very popular on the West Coast but there are also some great opportunities for canoeing, with many companies offering rentals and tours. Tanum and Munkedal are just two of the places from which you can explore the archipelago by canoe.


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Safety tips from Kanotguiden

The Kanotguiden website offers tips and advice about equipment, company, weather and emergency situations – all good to know before your canoeing trip.