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Steel braided basket with freshly cooked crayfish within

Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

Food from the sea

Fish and shellfish from West Sweden are as good as any in the world. In the cold, fresh, salty waters off the west coast there are prawns, langoustine, lobster, mussels, oysters – and fantastic fish, of course. So if you love seafood, the west coast offers the finest available, as well as a wide range of wild experiences.

Shellfish are in their prime in spring and autumn. This is when they taste the best, and if you want to take part in catching them, you can go to sea with experienced fishers. Outside the summer peak season you can get closer to the everyday life in Bohuslän, with its harsh, majestic natural beauty. With the world’s best seafood in sight, and genuine Bohuslän accommodation, you’re in for an experience unlike anything else.


For many, prawns from Bohuslän are the finest you can get anywhere. If you’ve never tried freshly boiled prawns, eaten from a paper cone on a pier, isn’t it time? Or make your own fantastic prawn sandwich, best enjoyed with a cold beer.

Crayfish and langoustine

In August, when the evenings are getting darker again, it’s time for crayfish from our lakes. Langoustine, their saltwater counterparts, are great throughout the year, but are best when the autumn’s salty, cool winds start to blow. You can head out to sea with a knowledgeable fisher, catch the deep-sea delicacies, and then boil and eat them right on the wharf.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild


The lobster premiere is on the first Monday after September 20, at 7 am. At dawn the boats glide out to place their pots. After that the focus is on lobster, from wharves to top-notch restaurants all over the country. Join an experienced fisher, take to sea in search of lobster and finish off with a sumptuous lobster dinner.


Bohuslän’s northern climate and chilly waters make for first-class oysters. Most of them are exported, but you can experience the pleasure of opening oyster after oyster on the sculptured granite coast of Bohuslän. From the sea, straight to you. There’s no fresher food than this.

Photographer: Madeleine Landley


The colour of the blue mussel is mirrored in the countryside of Bohuslän. Join a mussel safari and enjoy a big potful of freshly harvested mussels. You come face-to-face with the seaside life, and the magnificent archipelago creates a magical atmosphere, whatever the weather.

The vegetables of the sea

Fish and shellfish aren’t the only delicacies to come from the sea. Of the 325 types of seaweed found in Swedish waters, at least 20 are edible. They range in character and flavour, but all contain loads of healthy vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In Bohuslän, seaweed grows wild and is hand-harvested. It can be eated fresh or dried – and can be used for natural, exclusive skin care. Curious? Head out on a seaweed paddle, seaweed safari or a workshop where you learn all about Swedish algae


Add a little salt to your life.

If you love seafood, the west coast offers the finest available, as well as a wide range of wild experiences. Read more about fishing trips, seafood cruises and the tasty food from the sea.