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  • Photographer: Viggo Lundberg

Climate smart hiking - take the train directly to the trail

Hop on the train, start the walk from the platform and get straight out into beautiful natural landscapes. Sounds great doesn’t it? You’ll find 7 tips here for hiking trails that will take you through Bohuslän’s fishing villages, Dalsland’s wilderness and Västergötland’s historic countryside.

Travelling by train is becoming increasingly popular, and more Swedes all the time choose trains ahead of planes and cars, according to an SJ (Swedish Railway) Kantar Sifo analysis. By taking the train instead of driving you’re helping the environment. Check your trip carbon footprint here.

Top tip! Plan your train journey to the following hiking trails on Västtrafik’s "Travel Planner" or on SJ.


The Gotaleden is a trail close to the city, divided into nine stages over a total of 71 kilometres. Starting in Gothenburg it winds through forests, undulating countryside, by steep cliffs, beautiful lakes, historic industrial areas and immaculate castle gardens. Proximity to train stations along the different stages makes it easy to adapt the walk as you want. There are plenty of food and accommodation alternatives along the way.

Train stops: Gothenburg – Alingsås, with 7 stations in between.

The Pilgrim Path Falköping-Varnhem

The 44 kilometre long Pilgrim Path goes from Falköping in the south to Varnhem in the north. In between you’ll pass no less than two medieval abbey ruins, one of Europe’s most important bird areas (Lake Hornborga) and beautiful, undulating cultural landscapes.  The Pilgrim Path passes right outside the Central station in Falköping and leads you on towards Mösseberg plateau mountain.

Train stop: Falköping 

Kinnekulle Trail

If you want to experience Sweden’s most beautiful train line and also see Kinnekulle, the ‘flowering mountain’, then this is the right trail for you. The stretch between Mariestad and Lidköping over Kinnekulle was deservedly chosen as Sweden’s most beautiful train journey in 2018. Get off at one of the many picturesque little stations along the way, such as Trolmen, Råbäck or Blomberg, and walk straight out into magical scenery. With its 45 kilometres the hike offers varied landscapes with several sights worth a stop. Amongst other things there’s a large area with rock carvings, an abandoned limestone quarry, a waterfall and several lovely churches and manor houses to see.

Train stations: Forshem, Hällekis, Råbäck, Blomberg, Trolmen and Källby

Photographer: Viggo Lundberg

Hike along the Göta Canal

Hiking along the towpaths by the Göta Canal is a peaceful experience, where you get to see the changing landscapes, canal life and picturesque little villages replacing each other at a pleasant tempo, up close. Make the experience even better by treating yourself to good food and a comfortable bed at the end of every stage. Take the train to Töreboda and join the path at the Töreboda – Tåtorp stage, a 16 kilometre long hike. 

Train stop: Töreboda 

Photographer: Jonas Ingman


The Bohusleden is a classic long distance path of 370 kilometres, stretching from Strömstad in the north to Lindome in the south.

If you want to enjoy the view over the Kosterhavet sea and the tang of seaweed and salt then head to Strömstad and join stage 27 of the Bohusleden (Strömstad-Högstad). A 15 kilometre hike that takes you through varied landscapes, with winding forest paths and lovely views of boats and islands.  

Train stop: Strömstad 

Photographer: Lukasz Warzecha LWimages Studio

If you want to experience one of Gothenburg’s largest natural areas we recommend Stage 6 of the Bohusleden. A 16 kilometre long stretch from Angered church to Fontin in Kungälv. The hike goes through the beautiful Vättlefjäll nature reserve and finishes in front of the Bohus Fortress in Kungälv. By train you can join the path from Bohus station.

Train stop: Bohus station 

Photographer: Lukasz Warzecha

The Pilgrim Path North Dalsland

The Pilgrim Path in north Dalsland is an 80 kilometre hiking trail for the true nature lover, possessing some quite incredible views over the wilderness, in terrain similar to that on eastern Sweden’s dramatic High Coast. Along the 81 km long hike there’s plenty to experience, not least in the form of fascinating landscapes with different types of forest and many small lakes. Campsites with campfires, shelters to spend the night in, hotels and hostels along the trail all make it suitable for both day trips or multi day hikes. By train join the path in Mellerud or Åmål. 

Train stop: Mellerud and Åmål

The Sjuhärad Trail

The Sjuhärad Trail is a 140 kilometre path through varying landscapes and beautiful natural scenery, with many places worth a stop. Walk along different surfaces through forest, agricultural land and in towns. Take the train to Hindås or Borås to reach stages 3 to 7 which are perfect for a day’s walk.

Train stop: Hindås and Borås

Photographer: Jonas Ingman