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Gunnebo Castle

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Gunnebo House and Gardens – a unique 18th century country house

Fifteen minutes from Gothenburg lies Gunnebo House and Gardens – an excellent choice if you want to stroll around an authentic 18th century estate, go on a guided tour and enjoy organic food and fika in the restaurant. Perfect for a day trip! Dogs are also welcome.

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How to get to Gunnebo House

Gunnebo House and Gardens is in Mölndal, about 10 kilometres south east of the centre of Gothenburg. You can easily cycle here! Find directions to Gunnebo House and Gardens here.

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Gardens that are made for walks

The first thing you notice when you arrive at Gunnebo House and Gardens is the gardens, which are maintained with a craftsman’s eye. During summer the trees and bushes are artfully clipped, the lawns freshly mown and the flower beds a riot of colour. Nearest the castle is the formal garden, with statues and urns, exotic plants, topiary and avenues.

Photographer: Lina Ikse

A bit further away is the English Park, with paths leading to peaceful lakes and dramatic rock faces. At Gunnebo House and Gardens there are also two large kitchen gardens, with vegetables and herbs grown to be ultimately served in the restaurant. There’s a pushchair and wheelchair friendly circular trail through the park and countryside around the house. The gardens are open for visitors all year round and entrance to them is free.

A house where details have been preserved

As beautiful as the gardens is the house, built in a style that bears witness to a time when attention to detail was important, and no expense was spared to create a building that reflected its high class status. Gunnebo House was designed as a synthesis of the arts by Gothenburg’s city architect Carl Wilhelm Carlberg in the 1780s. Around 200 original drawings have provided the basis for several extensive reconstruction projects, which have now restored the estate to its original appearance.

The best way to explore the house and get to fully appreciate its charm is by going on a guided tour. The tour lasts 45 minutes and covers the whole the building, with its many fascinating stories and anecdotes from the past. The House is open for tours on weekends in winter, and daily in summer.


Three things you probably didn’t know about Gunnebo House and Gardens!

1. Leftover cinnamon buns are given a new life

Sustainability is important at Gunnebo Bakery and they do what they can to reduce food waste. If there are cinnamon buns left at the end of the day they are ground to make flour that is then used to make cinnamon bun biscotti the day after. Read more about Gunnebo’s environmental work.

2. Gunnebo is training craftsmen.

Gunnebo is educating a new generation of craftsmen, reconstructing the orangery based on 30 original drawings, watercolors, historical sources, and archaeological findings. Preserving knowledge of cultural heritage craftsmanship is a key focus

3. Inspired the Venezuelan flag

Legend has it that Christina Hall, whose husband built Gunnebo, was the inspiration for the Venezuelan flag. Freedom fighter Fransisco de Miranda visited Gunnebo in 1787 and fell in love with Christina. The flag’s yellow colour is said to represent her golden hair, the blue her eyes and the red her lips.


Restaurant, farm and markets

Gunnebo’s restaurant, Kaffehus och Krog, is situated in the old servants’ quarters next to the House. Both lunch and fika are served here every day. All ingredients are organic and the menu is seasonal, based on the produce provided by the gardeners, with a nod to the 18th century. 

Photographer: Lina Ikse

Just east of the kitchen gardens are a group of Falu red buildings. This is Gunnebo’s farm, where children can say hi to the Hedemora hens and play on the hill.

It can be worth having a look at Gunnebo House and Garden’s calendar when you plan your visit, as concerts, talks, flower arranging courses, theme days or markets are often held there.

Photographer: Studiografen

Buy biscuits, freshly baked bread and conserves

In the shop you’ll find, among other things, freshly baked bread and crisp rusks from the award winning bakery, as well as many other Gunnebo products like tea blends and conserves. You can also buy garden tools, local crafts, toys and books in the gift shop. All the products are made organically.

Next to Gothenburg

There’s a whole lot to discover in Gothenburg. And there’s even more to explore outside the city. All you have to do is ride just a few stops beyond the city limits to enjoy some really memorable experiences. 


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How to get to Gunnebo House

Gunnebo House and Gardens is in Mölndal, about 10 kilometres south east of the centre of Gothenburg. You can easily cycle here! Find directions to Gunnebo House and Gardens here.

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