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Mountain biking and downhill in West Sweden

Discover some of West Sweden’s best areas for MTB. From the moody wilderness in northern Dalsland to the Halleberg plateau’s fast paced circuits overlooking the southern end of Lake Vänern.

Mountain biking on Billingen

Billingen table mountain in Skövde offers lots of nature experiences close to town, especially for anyone who loves mountain biking. Scenic cycling routes, pump tracks and great service are all close by.

Exhilarating MTB trails

In the forests around Billingen there’s 28 kilometres of mountain bike trails.

  • Slangbellan 0.5 km easy
  • Indigo 5 km easy to intermediate
  • Pulsen 8 km intermediate
  • Homerun 1.5 km intermediate
  • Lila Milen 10 km intermediate

Bike park with pump track

Train your technique and balance in Billingen Bike Park with berms, jumps and obstacles. The park consists of two pump tracks with varying levels of difficulty, suitable for all ages. You can also go skateboarding, kick biking and inline skating here.

Perfect for families

Billingen is an exciting place for any age, with the Billingetrollets Trollstig Trail, the Skogsmulle Kingdom nature centre, fishing lakes, a high ropes course and play area. Down in the town you’ll find Arena Skövde with Sweden’s best indoor water park.

Good service close to hand

Billingen is an official Vasalopp Centre with a workshop where you can do repairs, shower and change, as well as conference facilities, a sports shop and bike hire. There are several grill areas or shelters to eat at.

Cycling holidays in Billingen

It can be hard to fit in all the fun stuff you can do in Billingen in just one day. There are several lovely hotels and campsites nearby with convenient accommodation for cyclists.


Go mountain bike riding on Kinnekulle

Kinnekulle is a verdant table mountain overlooking Lake Vänern. You can ride the Kinnekulle Path here, challenging in parts, which takes you past scenic spots and nice cafes.  

The Kinnekulle Path

The 45 kilometre long Kinnekulle Path starts at the summit of Kinnekulle and then follows Lake Vänern’s shoreline back up again. The trail isn’t technically difficult but contains a few steep climbs. The magical views are your reward!

Many MTB tracks

On Kinnekulle there are many MTB tracks to choose from, with varying levels of difficulty.

  • Intervallslingan 1 km intermediate
  • Sprängestan 2.8 km difficult
  • Toppslingan 5 km intermediate
  • Bestorpslingan 10.3 km easy
  • Skagenslingan 8.4 intermediate
  • Salen runt 3.8 km easy

Enjoy the lovely views

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view now and again, not least when you get to the giant quarry. You’ll also find viewpoints, antique shops, manor houses, swimming spots, gardens to visit and lots of cafes on Kinnekulle.

Kinnekulle MTB Meet

Kinnekulle MTB Meet takes place during autumn. Over the weekend there’ll be guiding, afterbike, a bike show and of course unforgettable cycling on Kinnekulle and in Lundsbrunn. Great for everyone from beginners to professional bike nerds.

Cycling holidays on Kinnekulle

We recommend at least two days cycling on Kinnekulle to fit in several tracks and have time to stop and enjoy a fika or two. Here are some tips for convenient accommodation for cyclists in the area. 


Mountain biking in Lassalyckan

The Lassalyckan outdoor activity centre in Ulricehamn  is an excellent sports centre with endless possibilities for cyclists. You’ll find several mountain bike and pump tracks and great bike service here.

MTB tracks and technical trails

At Lassalyckan there are several MTB tracks and three technical trails with a variety of difficult challenges, obstacles and some tough slopes.

  • Blue trail 4.5 km
  • Red trail 7 km
  • Black trail 12 km

Pump track

Come and get an adrenaline rush at Lassalyckan’s pump track. The track is open all day, is completely free to use and perfect for beginners as well as professionals. There’s also a tower and ramp with jumps.

Family friendly centre

Why not bring your kids to Lassalyckan too? There are some easier cycle tracks for them and the whole place is full of family friendly activities as well as plenty of grill areas for fun picnics.

Everything on one site

Lassalyckan is an Official Vasalopp Centre, with services such as free parking, shower, sauna, bike washing facilities and bike pumps. Around the area you’ll also find astroturf pitches, ice rinks, wakeboarding, an obstacle course and hotel.

Cycling holidays at Lassalyckan

Why not plan a whole cycling weekend in Lassalyckan, perhaps combined with other activities like wakeboarding and obstacle course racing? There are some lovely places to stay in Ulricehamn with good facilities for anyone bringing bikes.


Go mountain biking in Lagunen Bikepark

Just south of Strömstad lies Lagunen Camping with its very own bike park. You’ll find technical trails, pump tracks and flow tracks. Perfect for families who want to combine camping with fun mountain biking!

Lagunen Bikepark

Lagunen Bikepark is an exciting bike park with many opportunities for improving your MTB riding skills. Facilities at the park include:

  • Pump track
  • Jump lines
  • Flow trails
  • MTB trail
  • Kids Zone

Ride through the forest

To get to Lagunen Bikepark from the campsite you’ll cycle on good bike trails through a lovely forest. The route is 4 kilometres long and if you want you can go with a guide who’ll show you the way. There’s a grill area with wood by the bike park.

Stay on the campsite

Lagunen is a family friendly campsite right next to the sea. There’s always something fun to do, like adventure golf, kayaking, hiking, having a sauna or going on a boat trip out in the archipelago. You can also hire bikes at the campsite.

Strömstad and Koster

Explore the coast while you’re here. Strömstad is a lively town where you can shop, have a fika and wander around admiring the pretty seaside villas. Or why not take the boat to the Koster Islands and continue your cycling adventure there.

Cycling holiday in Strömstad

There’s lots of fun things to see and do in the area around Strömstad. Make sure you book an overnight stay so you have time to explore everything else you want to alongside MTB riding. Here are some tips for cycle friendly accommodation:


More MTB areas in West Sweden

Mountain biking in Gothenburg

There are several lovely cycling areas with beautiful scenery and top class trails of varying character and levels of difficulty, including Änggårdsbergen, Delsjön, Hisingsparken, Vättlefjäll, Sandsjöbacka and the Bohusleden. 


Mountain biking in Dalsland

Dalsland is famous for its fantastic views, lakes and forests. Around Bengtsfors there are many great MTB trails of varying levels of difficulty. If you like competing check out the Dalsland X-country course which starts and finishes in Bengtsfors. There’s a longer 57 kilometre course and a shorter one which is 35 kilometres.


Mountain biking in Mösseberg

Cykelcentrum Mösseberg in Falköping is the perfect meeting place for cyclists, with everything for both beginners and elite riders. On Mösseberg’s leafy slopes there are three challenging MTB trails of 0.6, 2.5 and 3.5 km. You can find helpful tips and inspiration on the centre’s website, about bike friendly accommodation and the many scenic routes.


Downhill on Kesberget

Kesberget Bikepark in Vårgårda has ten MTB trails of differing grades of difficulty, from single track with smaller hills and jumps to really challenging downhill with steep slopes and higher jumps. You can buy single day or annual lift passes at the park.


Downhill in Bollekollen

Bollekollen is situated between Gothenburg and Borås. The bike park consists of eleven slopes and a lift. There’s something for everyone here – beginners, trail bikers and jump nerds. Looking forward to seeing you here!

8 tips for your cycle tour

1. Take plenty of water, on some of the trails the nearest tap can be many kilometres away.

2. You can get far quickly on a bike and getting back if you have a puncture can be a nuisance, so take a small repair kit with you.

3. Wear eye protection. It can be painful to get twigs and insects in your eyes.

4. Wear a helmet. It’s a given.

5. For a more comfortable trip – get a pair of padded cycling shorts!

6. Be considerate, respectful and observant. Stop, get off and stand to the side when you meet walkers, horse riders and animals (grazing and wild).

7. Avoid riding on the trails if the weather/season will make them susceptible to damage. Respect the landowner!

8. Last but not least. If you’re not sure where you’re allowed to or can go mountain biking, get in touch with your local tourist information centre.