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Stanna hemma om du är sjuk, tvätta händerna ofta, håll avstånd och undvik att resa kollektivt. Tillsammans bromsar vi smittspridningen av covid-19.

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  • Mountain Bike at Lassalyckan

    Mountain biking in West Sweden

West Sweden offers varied and spectacular landscapes, and the bike saddle is the perfect place to discover them from. Weathered rocks, undulating forested hills and rolling fields. There’s something for everyone here. What’s more, in some areas new mountain bike routes are being created all the time.

Dalsland is renowned for its fantastic views.


Dalsland is renowned for its fantastic views, many lakes and deep forests. The area around Bengtsfors is great for exploring on your own, by bike. As well as having lots of excellent trails which offer good cycling of different grades of difficulty, it hosts also a mountain bike race as well, the Dalsland X-Country, which starts and finishes in Bengtsfors. There’s a longer 57 km track and a shorter one that’s 35 km.

The trail is also waymarked all year round so that people can train on the race track.

“The track offers both great views, winding paths by lakes, and picturesque country roads. It isn’t that difficult technically, so anyone can ride it,” says Crister Blüme, who runs Camp Dalsland.


Kinnekulle, Götene

On the other side of Lake Vänern you can see the local landmark, Kinnekulle, a hill surrounded by plains that is often described as a bikers paradise. The Kinnekulle trail which is 45 km long is a classic. It starts from the top of Kinnekulle and then follows Lake Vänern’s shoreline before heading back up to the summit. The trail is not technically difficult but the uphill section can be challenging for some. The magical views make it a popular route for enthusiasts.

Bike park at Billingen.

Billingen, Skövde

Billingen, outside Skövde combines an urban and rural experience in one. There’s a total of 28 km of mountain bike trails and even a bike park with banked curves, drops, and obstacles. Skövde bike club also arranges the Billinge Race where you can test your skills on two wheels in May each year. Experience both single and double track as well as steep paths, all set amongst the fresh green birch trees and wood anemones.


Lassalyckan, Ulricehamn

Lassalyckans outdoor recreational area in Ulricehamn has excellent mountain bike trails. It’s also a certified Vasalopp centre, with the requisite high standards of training facilities for skiing, running and mountain biking, as the Vasalopp race is held in all three disciplines. There are four different trails here ranging from 3 to 15 km, which are individually colour marked. You’ll find both courses with ascents and technical challenges, as well as easier ones.


The West Coast

On the West Coast there are plenty of walking trails but relatively few dedicated mountain bike ones. If you’re uncertain where you can ride, check with the local Tourist Information Centre, and respect the land owner! In the area around Lysekil, Villa Bro has started a bid to build a single track. Not far from Ljungskile, the little track centre of Stenshult offers some great trails where you’re likely to have the beautiful surroundings all to yourself.

The Bohusleden Trail traverses the whole of Bohuslän and in some parts you will encounter very technical terrain. The area around Strömstad is particularly good for cycling. Every year the Grenserittet ride takes place here, which is an 81 km long mountain bike race starting in Strömstad and finishing across the Norwegian border in Halden. The competition attracts thousands of participants every year.

8 tips for your bike trip

1. Take plenty of water. On some of the trails it can be miles to the nearest tap.

2. Take a little repair kit in case you get a puncture. If you’ve cycled a long distance you don’t want to have to push the bike all the way back!

3. Wear cycling glasses. Twigs and flies aren’t nice to get in your eyes.

4. Wear a helmet. It’s a necessity.

5. Buy a pair of padded cycling shorts to make your trip more comfortable.

6. Be considerate, respectful and attentive. Stop, get off, say hello and keep to the side when you meet walkers, riders and animals (wild and domestic).

7. Don’t ride if the weather and/or the season makes the path susceptible to erosion. Respect the landowner!

8. Last but not least, if you’re uncertain about where you can ride your mountain bike, check with the local tourist information centre.