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Friends cycle on Vänerleden

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Discover more of Sweden’s national cycle routes

You’ll find more than half of Sweden’s national cycle routes in West Sweden, where you’ll cycle through beautiful scenery with many interesting places to visit along the way. And the best thing is that the next food or fika stop is never very far away.

The longest cycle routes in Sweden are classed as national ones. On this page you can read about the characteristics of each route and what the main sights are.

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The Ätradal Trail

The Ätradal Trail is the cycle route for anyone who enjoys good food, culture and history. Along it you can explore rural Sweden, with its red cottages and fertile countryside.The trail is 200 km long and stretches between Falköping and Falkenberg, along more or less completely car free rail embankments.


Three places worth a stop along the Ätradal Trail:

  1. Ulricehamn, a charming small town with a lakeside cold bath house and sauna.
  2. Mössebergs Kurort, cycle friendly accommodation and spa.
  3. Limmared, antiques mecca and Sweden’s oldest working glassworks.

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The Vänerleden

The Vänerleden is a spectacular cycle path looping around Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern. The total route length is 640 km but you can of course cycle shorter sections. There’s always time along it to enjoy a Swedish fika, lovely dip, or a beautiful view.


Three places worth a stop along the Vänerleden:

  1. Kinnekulle, the little mountain with big experiences.
  2. Gamla Stan, the old town in Mariestad, one of Sweden’s best preserved town centres.
  3. The aqueduct in Håverud, where the road, railway and canal meet.

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The Unionsleden

The Unionsleden is the cycle route for anyone wanting to experience Sweden’s beautiful natural scenery up close, with forests and lakes aplenty. The 350 km trail starts in Moss in Norway and then takes a long dip down into Dalsland before heading back up into Värmland and its end point in Karlstad.


Three places worth a stop along the Unionsleden:

  1. Not Quite, an exciting cultural centre with café.
  2. Baldersnäs Manor, peaceful accommodation with a renowned restaurant.
  3. Dalslands Canal, maybe take a boat ride?

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Göta Canal Cycle Trail

The cycle trail alongside the Göta Canal is one of Sweden’s most child friendly cycle routes because the whole route is along car free paths which are almost entirely flat. There’s always lots to see and discover alongside the canal, and plenty of rest areas as well. The trail is 200 km in total.


Three places worth a stop along the Göta Canal:

  1. The locks in Hajstorp, see the boats passing through no less than nine locks.
  2. Norrqvarn, a hotel with accommodation in exciting troll tree trunks.
  3. Karlsborg Fortress, a historic site for all ages.

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The Kattegattleden, Sydostleden and Sydkustleden

The Kattegattleden starts by Gothenburg’s Central Station. From there you cycle along the harbour inlet towards the sea and then south along the Säröleden. The trail ends in Helsingborg in Skåne where you can continue your cycle tour along the Sydkustleden and Sydostleden if you want to explore more of southern Sweden.


What is a national cycle route?

A national cycle route has to be longer than 200 km and fulfil several criteria according to the Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket. The route should be, among other things, safe for traffic, offer attractive natural environments and visitor attractions, and have good signage and clear communication with a map and trail description.


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