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Cycling routes in West Sweden

Discover some of Sweden’s best cycling routes

We’re proud of the many fantastic cycling routes we have in West Sweden. You can explore our coastline and lakes, fields and mountains, forests and towns, and pretty fishing villages. Find a cycling route that’s perfect for you!

The Vänerleden

A national cycle route that winds around Sweden’s largest lake. On your journey you’ll come across Lake Vänern’s loveliest beaches, world class cultural experiences, and natural phenomena not found anywhere else in Sweden.

The Unionsleden

Discover Dalsland’s magical forests, lakes and canals along the Unionsleden. Enjoy well made food and explore the area’s attractions, cultural centres and lock stations. The Unionsleden goes all the way from Moss in Norway to Karlstad in Sweden. 

The Ätradal Trail

The Ätradal Trail runs between Falköping and Falkenberg where you’ll find open landscapes, forests, lakes and exciting sights to explore. Take the family on a lovely scenic cycling holiday.

Cycle along the Göta Canal

Cycling along the Göta Canal is a well loved family activity. All the locks, cosy cafes and exciting things to see along the way means that it never gets boring.

Cycle on the island of Tjörn

Tjörn has great cycling routes in an amazing environment. Explore the beautiful archipelago, the sculpture park and the world famous watercolour museum, and enjoy cosy accommodation.

The Sjuhäradsrundan

A thousand lakes, deep green forests and lots of exciting sights make the Sjuhäradsrundan cycle route exploring the area around Borås, Ulricehamn and Tranemo a real holiday treat.

Cycle on the Koster Islands

There’s something special about pedalling around the virtually car free island of South Koster. The short distances on this small 8 km² island make it perfect for exploring the beautiful landscapes by bike.

Cycle on the Island of Art

Tjörn has great cycling routes in an amazing environment. Explore the beautiful archipelago, the sculpture park and the world famous watercolour museum, and enjoy cosy accommodation.

Coastal island circuit

This route on the island of Tjörn offers easy cycling on a mix of gravel or asphalt roads through magical countryside with the sea and the forest always to hand.

Explore West Sweden with a Local

Via Meet the Locals you can arrange to meet someone who lives in West Sweden (a Local) and share a slice of their daily life. You could for example:

Go road racing cycle training with Pontus in Mariestad


5 tips for a safer cycling holiday


1. Check your bike before you set off

Check that there’s enough air in the tyres and that they aren’t worn. Make sure the chain is clean and oiled and that the brakes work properly.

2. The right clothes and a good helmet

The weather can change quickly in Sweden so it’s possible you could experience several different weather conditions in one day, depending on where you are and what time of year it is. Taking a spare wind/rainproof jacket is a good idea. If you’re intending to cycle longer stretches for several days, a pair of cycling shorts and shoes which will make riding more comfortable could be a good investment. Wearing a helmet is a given!

3. If you get a puncture

Changing a tyre if you get a puncture isn’t difficult if you are prepared. Make sure you have a spare tube, the right tools and a pump in your saddle bag so you’re not left waiting at the side of the road for help.

4. Pack just enough

Don’t take more than you need. If you’re going to be cycling for several days you can get good bags that can be attached to bikes, but don’t overfill them as whatever you put in will make the bike heavier to ride. Do take swimming gear and a towel though, you’ll be bound to pass somewhere lovely for a dip.

5. Finally

Plan your route in advance, take plenty of time, cycle together and have fun! Make sure you have plenty of refreshment stops along the way, there are lots of lovely cafes and picnic areas in West Sweden.

More about cycling

West Sweden offers many different kinds of cycling experiences. Below are some more tips!